Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter to me

Our assignment for the week was to write a letter to ourselves from our future self from January 2014...just a year older. I posted my goals on the first day of this blog and after revisiting them they will stay the same. So here goes :-)

Dear Christine-
     It is now January 1, 2014. Last year you listed goals that you wanted to meet by this time so I am writing a letter of encouragement to keep you going!
     I look and feel fabulous! You should have seen the pride on Doug's face when you completed the 1/2 marathon last May. The hard work you put in the gym and at home really paid off. It was hard and there were times I really wanted to quit but you did it! Not only did you reach your goal but you set an example for Ryleigh and the baby. They know how important it is to be healthy. The next challenge is to run one with Ry!
     In the looking fabulous category, you are stylin' with all of the new work clothes! I threw all of the old, bigger things out and we went shopping! Cara, Stephanie and Jaclyn went with us and we just had a good old fashioned shopping spree!
    More important than any of the looking better is that you have now begun a habit of exercise. This is what will allow you to live a long and healthy life. It will impact every area of your life. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV you are moving...still watching TV but moving while you are doing it!

Keep going, don't give up. This goal is attainable and I am here to prove it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day #4

Yesterday was a reality check for me. We spent 12 hours in Oklahoma (anyone else feel the need to burst into song when they say the name of that state?) to celebrate our 13 year olds birthday. I knew eating out was going to be tough and there was, ya know, what there always is at a birthday party...........cake.

Although there was no gym visit I am proud of myself. We ate at Applebees and I chose an under 550 calorie dinner (the Napa Chicken with Portebellos). The dinner was really good. I passed up cake and made sure I found someone to talk to that wasn't eating cake so I didn't feel left out (it was my husband :-))

So I have written our menu for the next two weeks and will go to the grocery store today. Because I have been logging my food, I know when the hardest time for me to continue on the healthy track is and I have a plan in place to work on that. I have not been to the gym for two days so I WILL GO TODAY.

Everyone have a great Sunday, trust in God and go forth and be healthy!

P.S. I am very thankful for my family. They are supportive and never complain when I have a certain place where I would like to eat so I can "behave".

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day #3

Urghh....forgiving myself on day #3. Did the gym thing, that was good. Eating was where I blew it. TWO CANDY BARS-seriously. I need to find something that I can snack on after school is out while I am sitting at my desk working besides the candy bars that live in my closet. We sell them to earn money for our fifth grade field trip. At this rate I will be the highest contributor! Not good.

My biggest issue with food is that I like to eat. No, I mean I REALLY like to eat. If I am sad I eat, if I am happy I eat-you get the picture. There is a mindset that has to be changed. I am working very hard to retrain my brain that food is fuel not a way to spend time. Not working so far!

Question of the day-Why did God make bad food taste so good? Why can't biscuits and gravy be healthy? Just throwing that out there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day #2

This morning I got up and joined the New Years people at the Y. I do not plan on being one of those people that quits by Valentine's Day! I only walked a mile and did weights that worked on my upper body. I want to gradually move into this so I am not so sore I cannot move!

I was reading the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans email this morning. It was about setting ones. 

So here are my goals that I wish to met by the end of January-
 Specific- I want to accomplish getting healthier-I want to think of this as a permanent lifestyle not a diet. I do want to lose weight but more importantly I want my clothes to fit better and to feel better about myself. By January I do wish to lose at least 8 pounds. That is 2 pounds a week and that is what is appropriate.
Measurable-I will keep a food log and exercise log. I will know I have reached my January goal when my clothes begin to feel better :-)
Attainable-I believe my January goal is attainable.
Relevant-It is something that I care about. I don't really care about what other people think about how much I look but I do care about how my husband sees me. I do care about setting a good example for my students, kids and grandchildren. I want them to see that you can live a healthy lifestyle and it is not about what you have to give up.
Timely-I think if I set monthly goals it will keep me from feeling so defeated. This morning at the gym I was really discouraged about how far I have let my body go. I try to remind myself that my body has been through hell but it is time to quit using that excuse.