Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day #2

This morning I got up and joined the New Years people at the Y. I do not plan on being one of those people that quits by Valentine's Day! I only walked a mile and did weights that worked on my upper body. I want to gradually move into this so I am not so sore I cannot move!

I was reading the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans email this morning. It was about setting ones. 

So here are my goals that I wish to met by the end of January-
 Specific- I want to accomplish getting healthier-I want to think of this as a permanent lifestyle not a diet. I do want to lose weight but more importantly I want my clothes to fit better and to feel better about myself. By January I do wish to lose at least 8 pounds. That is 2 pounds a week and that is what is appropriate.
Measurable-I will keep a food log and exercise log. I will know I have reached my January goal when my clothes begin to feel better :-)
Attainable-I believe my January goal is attainable.
Relevant-It is something that I care about. I don't really care about what other people think about how much I look but I do care about how my husband sees me. I do care about setting a good example for my students, kids and grandchildren. I want them to see that you can live a healthy lifestyle and it is not about what you have to give up.
Timely-I think if I set monthly goals it will keep me from feeling so defeated. This morning at the gym I was really discouraged about how far I have let my body go. I try to remind myself that my body has been through hell but it is time to quit using that excuse.

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