Friday, January 4, 2013

Day #3

Urghh....forgiving myself on day #3. Did the gym thing, that was good. Eating was where I blew it. TWO CANDY BARS-seriously. I need to find something that I can snack on after school is out while I am sitting at my desk working besides the candy bars that live in my closet. We sell them to earn money for our fifth grade field trip. At this rate I will be the highest contributor! Not good.

My biggest issue with food is that I like to eat. No, I mean I REALLY like to eat. If I am sad I eat, if I am happy I eat-you get the picture. There is a mindset that has to be changed. I am working very hard to retrain my brain that food is fuel not a way to spend time. Not working so far!

Question of the day-Why did God make bad food taste so good? Why can't biscuits and gravy be healthy? Just throwing that out there!


  1. Do you/Can you chew gum? Extra gum has many different flavors that can suite the sweet tooth.. I use it sometimes... Or I pack some almonds or other healthy snacks... you can prepack the night before snacks putting them in baggies or tupperware for work..

  2. I have hard of people doing this! I know htat there are "dessert" flavored gums. Today is grocery store day so I will get a few. When I was on Pinterest I also found some healthy snacks so I plan on keeping some at school for when I need them! Thank you!