Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day #4

Yesterday was a reality check for me. We spent 12 hours in Oklahoma (anyone else feel the need to burst into song when they say the name of that state?) to celebrate our 13 year olds birthday. I knew eating out was going to be tough and there was, ya know, what there always is at a birthday party...........cake.

Although there was no gym visit I am proud of myself. We ate at Applebees and I chose an under 550 calorie dinner (the Napa Chicken with Portebellos). The dinner was really good. I passed up cake and made sure I found someone to talk to that wasn't eating cake so I didn't feel left out (it was my husband :-))

So I have written our menu for the next two weeks and will go to the grocery store today. Because I have been logging my food, I know when the hardest time for me to continue on the healthy track is and I have a plan in place to work on that. I have not been to the gym for two days so I WILL GO TODAY.

Everyone have a great Sunday, trust in God and go forth and be healthy!

P.S. I am very thankful for my family. They are supportive and never complain when I have a certain place where I would like to eat so I can "behave".

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  1. Logging your food is such a good tool! It sounds like you have a good plan in place! I go out with my family every Saturday, and this week I didn't even have to say anything to them about the restaurant choice. They picked a place that I could go to. It really helps having a support group! Good luck to you this week! :)